1. I wonder sometimes if you can be smarter than the work & there are times people out in the world that make me wonder exactly how you don’t understand professional wrestling.

    I wonder sometimes if you can be smarter than the work & there are times people out in the world that make me wonder exactly how you don’t understand professional wrestling.

  2. Middle Aged Men in Suits.

    I now give you what I’ve been saying for the past four months when I started this site over the summer.  Via the @The_W message board. (The W) & Source the NY Times.


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    This was a column about the recent Republican debates, actually, but this paragraph caught my eye:

    '…[Romney] then got red in the face, had a heated exchange and violated the Texas governor's space by grabbing his shoulder. It was exactly like professional wrestling, except for the part about the middle-aged guys in suits.'

    First thought: Ha ha, Gail Collins obviously hasn’t watched much professional wrestling lately. 

    Second thought: When DID wrestling turn into middle-aged guys in suits? These days I only look up from my crocheting when I hear the bell ring.

    Third: I’d pay to see Perry vs. Romney in a hair match… but fantasy booking belongs in the politics forum.


    (I’m thinking of this as a wrestling topic rather than a political one. I could be mistaken.)


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    I’d agree with you cause the whole thing is a worked shoot

  3. Vote of No Confidence

    Well, what played out on Monday Night Raw October 3, 2011 could be considered pretty shocking.  Very rarely to stories involve the entire company.  This exactly what happened as Triple H, current WWE COO, had a in ring meeting with almost every talent under contract in the middle of the RAW ring.

    It would be fundamentally sound if the government of the United States worked like this.  Oh wait, it does constitutionally.  We the people can throw people out, if this country wasn’t so polarized by ignorance we could start from scratch.  Throw everyone out & get rid of the career jerks that suck our hard earned money to their pockets.

    So what I’m saying in this comparison is I want a vote of no confidence across the board for US Government from the top down.  Not just Obama, every penny picking scum ball.

    On that note, how funny is it that the FBI took the Onion spoof site seriously?  That’s like believing, nowadays, wrestlers really still hate each other all the time.  Kayfabe lives in fake news stories.  I think I’ve covered the high spots.

  4. Aikido

    I challenge any professional wrestler to take an actual martial art, I took some beginner Aikido tonight & boy do learn something different. Great exercise, learn to find your center, & really just teaches a even more discipline. http://j.mp/oYBC30

  5. Rey Mysterio becomes new Champion, Obama more of the same, and CM Punk returns.

    Tonight was history being made.  Obama gave us more of his throw away politics while on wrestling we started of the night with Rey Mysterio becoming the WWE champion!  Alberto Del Rio almost cashed in his contract but Rey fought him.  Then we had Triple H give the state of the WWE which set up the rest of the show.  

    Honestly, it was great to see Long Island Iced Z on the program & a quick kill on Michael Cole.

    Diva once again were there & the Keith Stone was actually fairly decent skit.  Smooth.

    Dolph Ziggler had a new theme which was WAY better than anything that Obama has been working on in week at the White House.  Though he defeated Evan Bourne.

    Seriously, he’s “tried” to work with republicans with is straight bull shit of lie.  He’s continuing to work the United States just like the WWE sucked us all in with CM Punk leaving.  Anyway, more on this in just a bit.

    Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston with his cross arm breaker, just like what should have happened with the United States debt crisis but we have morons that can’t make simple decision.

    Some how John Cena received a WWE Championship match with Rey Mysterio for the main event in which he proceeded to regain the championship in which he lost to CM Punk two weeks ago.  After a quick celebration he & Mysterio hugged but the music hit.  Out walks the real WWE Champion CM Punk.  Cena looked quite moderately surprised.  They did the one ups man ship where Punk received a bigger ovation.

    So, in summary.

    Politics were the same tonight.  We heard the country isn’t going the change because the freaking idiot can not work with the people representatives.

    Wrestling, they have quickly showed that CM Punk is still around & probably is going to take Cena but will we see the same keep feeding Cena mentality we’ve seen.  Just like it was in the 80’s with Hulk Hogan, I hope not.  Raw was enjoyable.

    The Good the Bad & the ugly.  All mashed up!


  6. For the best in political outspokenness!  If you disagree with her then you are worse cancer.
I bring you http://twitter.com/BlondeAmerican

    For the best in political outspokenness!  If you disagree with her then you are worse cancer.

    I bring you http://twitter.com/BlondeAmerican

  7. Seriously, after a Friday just to do press conferences of “explaining” how they’re going to deal with the debt.  Hard decisions need to be made now!

  8. Welcome…to FaceHeel.com the mash up all of all mash ups.

    So, this site is meant to be half political commentary & half professional wrestling.  I know your first question has to be exactly WHAT THE **** where you thinking?  Was I smoking crack?  Did I do some meth?  Was I trapped in some kind euphoric state when this idea came to my mind?

    Honestly, no!

    I have been fan of professional wrestling since 1988 & got into the wrestling business in 1998 after my graduation from high school.  I started training under the independent wrestler Frank “the Tank” Parker.  I was able to completed around roughly six months of training.  Though I never had a full bore singles match in front of people, yet have worked battle royals, I’ve constantly been paying attention to how everyone acts, how matches are told with story, & how politics plays a major role in how you climb the ladder in the wrestling world.

    Now, politics is a whole different realm, wait what am I saying?  Politics is supposed to be REAL its supposed to matter but IF politics actually mattered then why does the United States of America have a DEBT of 14.3 Trillion dollars?  I’m not here to harp on how we got there, but I will harp on why we need to FIX this atrocity called the national debt.

    What is my point, EVERYONE calls wrestling “fake” when in reality its performance to its highest level.  That’s what I’m calling the current state of “POLITICS” in the United States, a performance, a rouse, & a charade!  The people in Washington call the American people “out of touch” when in REALITY they don’t know how to make a simple decision on how TO CUT THE BUDGET!  The disguise everything in carny talk.

    For example, just the other day, Mr. Obama said, “I’m willing to take the heat.”  What heat?  You went to the meeting & you didn’t compromise!  If you wanted to take the heat you would bend.  You are a the biggest HEEL in American history, & that transcends the wrestling industry. People decide who to cheer & who to boo even though the underwritten rules of professional wrestling dictate that its “good vs. evil.”  I right now am booing you out of the building freaking slim ball.  There are more wrestling bad guys with a backbone than you Mr. Obama.  If you don’t believe me, call the Washington DC Presidential comment phone number. 


    Leave a message & tell the big booger that he’s burying ups fast than an Undertaker buried alive match.  I’m not knocking the Undertaker by any means but I am knocking how much SPENDING he’s done since he took office.  So much we might as well be six feet under, or at least we’re on the verge of it.

    You see, the jargon is the same!  Just like the skit with Mick Foley on the Daily Show where John Stewart called professional wrestling “fake”.  Really, that isn’t the word for it.  May be staged, may be a show, but not fake.  They all work both sides. If you don’t believe me, take closer look yourself & look at the way politicians act.  It’s an ACT.  Everyone wants to be loved but in fact we probably hate you.  You’ll never be the face because your a politician.  There may be one exception in Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter.  He seems to get how the game works & that’s why may be mentioned quite a bit during the run of this project.


    So, send this to all your friends.  All your family & remember to be good to one another even if you’re bad.  Oh, and watch out for that steel chair.



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